Post Number Two

Growing older comes with a consequence. I feel as if I’ve lost more mentors. How do I continue to be stronger and better? Or is it necessary anymore?  Like in school, I admired my professors. As a new employee, I look to my superiors with admiration and awe.

After so many encounters, these people are…just people. They may or may not have more wisdom and after so long I see their flaws. So then, I try to learn from their flaws.

But I seem to have a yearning to “look up to someone” and this has become nearly impossible. Growing older…i thought was about more responsibility, more experience, more wisdom.

When it comes down to it, I think growing older means whatever you want it to mean. My expectations are narrowed as I realize how large and complex the world is. I just need to mainly focus on the now but with some peripheral sighting towards the future.



Blog for Stalkers

That’s what I always thought blogging was for. For Stalkers. Well, I finally choked and decided to create one. If someone wants to stalk me, learn about me, learn from me, be angry with me, and argue with me, then this is a good place to start.

I will probably be posting about:




Hobbies like exercise, music, reading, movies, photography etc.

Comments regarding controversial matters like religion and politics.

I will not be posting:

Pictures of me, family, and friends.

Every step I take (where I went, what I did).

Everday news about my life.

So I’d imagine it’d be hard for you to stalk me if I didn’t tell you where I am. This is more of a “stalk” my mind idea. I imagine this blog is more of like a diary that I don’t mind sharing. I feel like I need to leave an imprint by leaving my thoughts somewhere. Kind of like if I died, there is a memory of me here. Nope, I’m not depressed or suicidal. Maybe I saw something on the internet today, it was on that inspired this. It was a user, posting a picture of a friend that has passed, that also was a user of reddit. So I looked up this user, and saw all his old posts, comments, pictures. I wanted to learn about this person. A memory of a person. It was different than looking at his facebook I would imagine (since I didn’t have access to it). Facebook is “fakebook.” The personality in person is different than on facebook. The “complainers” are big ones. I’ve met people who love to whine about others and on facebook they are an angel and super positive about everything. Or people who have the “perfect” relationship on facebook, but it really is just crumbling in real life. But facebook is not alone. Even before social media, people already do this. People put up a facade and you never get to know the real person until you get to listen to them, go through trauma with them, and just generally be involved. Kind of like church: If you just see someone once a week, then everything just seems dandy.

But this reddit user that passed. I saw his replies to news stories, his short comments, his long ones, his general every day thoughts to every day occurrences. They were raw. In a commuity like reddit, you can be blunt without fear of retaliation (unlike facebook). Reddit is not your friend. It is just a community. Not just any community, the entire WORLD uses it. So you have stereotypes and rednecks and everything. I think your true personality shines in communities like these.

But what is my true identity? Here. In this Blog. Just another memory imprinted.

BTW: I reread this entry. Not perfect grammar but I don’t care. But I have a HUGE problem that is kind of like dyslexia. Like I wanted to write “community” but I wrote “communication.” As if my fingers is it’s own version of  “autocorrect” gone wrong. So if you read something of mine that makes complete NONSENSE, that looks like a word that was autocorrected, it wasn’t corrected, it’s my brain/fingers disconnect problem I have.