Growing older comes with a consequence. I feel as if I’ve lost more mentors. How do I continue to be stronger and better? Or is it necessary anymore?  Like in school, I admired my professors. As a new employee, I look to my superiors with admiration and awe.

After so many encounters, these people are…just people. They may or may not have more wisdom and after so long I see their flaws. So then, I try to learn from their flaws.

But I seem to have a yearning to “look up to someone” and this has become nearly impossible. Growing older…i thought was about more responsibility, more experience, more wisdom.

When it comes down to it, I think growing older means whatever you want it to mean. My expectations are narrowed as I realize how large and complex the world is. I just need to mainly focus on the now but with some peripheral sighting towards the future.



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